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What is Grappling?
Grappling, in hand-to-hand combat, is the act of holding, throwing or submitting an opponent. Grappling encompasses martial arts like jiu jitsu, judo and wrestling and has been proven to be among the most effective forms of self defence training. Apart from the physical benefits, grappling teaches you how to stay calm under pressure: We strive to build champions on the mat and in life. The Amsterdam Grappling Academy was founded with the idea of sharing an experience of training, camaraderie and physical & mental health. We will teach you the all-round grappling arts on the highest level, from takedowns to leg locks.

  • Trial classes
    Everybody is welcome for a free trial class: please pick a class in our schedule that you would like to attend and let us know when you're planning to come! For a trial class, a t-shirt and shorts are sufficient.
  • Getting started with grappling
    You can jump right in and join any class on our schedule. All of our classes are accessible for beginners. However, due to the highly technical and physical nature of grappling, we understand that our sport may be overwhelming at first. Therefore, we offer an introduction course to teach you the basic principles before you dive into the deep waters of grappling. Feel free to contact us if any questions remain!
  • Competitions
    Athletes that want to compete at the highest level should be able to train twice a day. Therefore we offer the most elaborate and complete program in the region of Amsterdam, with classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. At A.G.A., athletes can count on their coaches to prepare them for competitions. To make sure you are ready, we organize competition training, rules meetings, game-planning and tactical sessions. We visit competitions as a team and are in your corner to support you!
  • Community
    A.G.A. is more than a grappling team. We strive to give you the experience of being part of a community that offers support and friendship on and off the mat. In order to facilitate this, we organise barbecues, beach events and training camps!
  • Gear
    We offer gi and no-gi classes, which are specified in our schedule. For gi classes, you need the traditional kimono and a belt. For no gi classes, you need a rash-guard (tight fitting shirt) and shorts. A mouth guard is advised, but not mandatory. We sell Gi's and rash-guards in our shop. If you need any advice on buying grappling gear, feel free to ask us.
  • Safety
    Grappling is a full contact martial art. Most classes include sparring, in which one tries to make the opponent surrender by performing submissions like arm bars, leg locks and chokes. To ensure safety, the trainers of A.G.A. are certified first aid responders. However, a large proportion of risk control is shared by all participants by following these important rules: - When you get caught in a submission, tap out (either by using the hands, feet or voice). You are responsible for tapping out to protect yourself from getting injured. - Immediately let go if your partner taps out. Never crank submissions. You are personally responsible for the injury of an opponent when you ignore him/her tapping out. - Striking in any form is not allowed. If this happens accidentally, check up on your partner. - Do not grab or twist fingers (minimal amount you can grab is 3 fingers). - Be aware of differences in weight and strength and adjust your sparring style accordingly. - Keep your hands out of eyes, crotches and hair. - Never do harm to your training partners intentionally and follow the ruleset of grappling/BJJ. If you are unsure of the ruleset, ask the attending trainer. - If you are uncertain if something is legal or not, don't do it.

Julio Vinke


My name is Julio Vinke and I have been teaching and training BJJ for the last 12 years. I am a Blackbelt under Ribeiro Jiujitsu Brasilia and still active in the competition scene. My Goal is to grow the art of BJJ in the Netherlands and help bring the Netherlands to the world stage in competition. 

Fernando ARce


A black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Christian Grimaldo and Gustavo Carpio (Bushido FT/ Checkmat Downey) with more than 10 years of experience in both gi and no gi.  Fernando won medals at IBJJF Worlds, Pans and Europeans. Fernando was the first Peruvian to be invited to the World Pro in Abu Dhabi after winning the trials. Fernando has five years experience in teaching and was the owner of two BJJ academies in Peru.


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