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Amsterdam Grappling Academy

When joining us, you agree to the following

House Rules


1. Make sure your hygiene is on point: Because of the close contact nature of grappling, this is essential. Make sure your body and training wear is washed, clean and does not stink. Always wear a rash-guard (tight fitting, no loose fitting cotton t-shirts), even when wearing the gi. Your nails should always be trimmed. Wear slippers outside of the mat area, no footwear on the mat. Cover cuts and rashes with plaster and sports tape prior to class. If your blood gets on the mat during training, immediately clean it and adequately cover your wounds. Stay of the mats if you have any contagious (skin)disease or virus! Remove any kind of jewellery, (smart)watches and piercings. Help the trainers to clean the mats after training. Keep changing rooms and toilets clean.


2. Be respectfulWe have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any discriminating or sexist behaviour. Be respectful to training partners of any belt level. Be quiet when the coaches talk and follow instructions. Let the coaches coach; don't be a smart ass. Do not leave the mat without communicating with the attending trainer. Be on time for class. If it may happen that you are late, inform us. If you need to leave early, inform us. 


3. Bow on to the matWe strive to establish/maintain a culture in which everybody can flourish. Before you enter or leave the mats, do a small bow of reverence. To us, the mats are sacred and should be treated with the outmost respect. We are all very fortunate to be able to train and a little reverence goes a long way in becoming a better fighter.  By making this gesture, you should remind yourself of the following points: 

Leave your ego outside the mat, be humble.

- Try to help and motivate one another. 

- Have fun, but train hard! We expect everybody to commit to following the class to the best of their capabilities.

- Higher belts (blue and up) should be aware of their position:  Lead by example to protect our culture!

4. Do not record sparring without permission: In training, making mistakes is part of the process: Putting up camera's may add pressure to athletes to not make mistakes. If you want to record to study your own grappling, ask your sparring partner and the attending training if it is okay to record the roll. If you want to post any footage to social media, make sure to ask your sparring partner if that is okay. 

5. D no harm and follow the ruleset: Do not do harm to your training partners intentionally and follow the ruleset of grappling/BJJ. If you are unsure of the ruleset, ask the attending trainer. Keep your hands out of eyes, crotches and hair. Do not grab or twist fingers (minimal amount you can grab is 3 fingers). Be aware of differences in weight and strength and adjust your sparring style accordingly. Do not crank submissions. Let go if a person taps out or makes a verbal noise while in a submission. If you are uncertain if something is legal or not, don't do it. A.G.A. is not responsible for any injury or accident.


6. You must have an active membership: All participants of any class are obliged to have an active membership or have ordered a drop-in BEFORE the start of class. The only exception is in case of a trial class: Every participant has the right to join ONE class for free. A trial class should be requested BEFORE the start of a class. Participants joining a class without an active membership will receive an invoice of €25,- (€20 drop in fee + €5 administration fee). Trainers are not responsible to inform you on your membership status. You can see your membership status by logging in on All memberships are paid online on All drop-ins are booked online on We do not accept cash unless agreed differently.


7. Violation of any of the rules will lead to a warning: Further misconduct will get you kicked out of class. We strive to resolve any conflict by having a conversation with the involved members. However, in case of serious violation of the rules trainers may ban you from all classes and team activities, your membership will be terminated. These rules apply to both members and teachers, regardless of status and belt levels. Do not hesitate to contact one of the teachers to solve a problem if you feel violated or unsafe.





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