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Welcome we are excited to have you join us in our Grappling Introduction Course. Grappling is a vast and complex martial art so having an idea as to the very basic principles of what we do makes it all the more understandable and fun.


That is why we have created this course with the focus on preparing you to be able to start grappling at any gym, safely and with a more clear path as to what you should do.


The course is taught by BJJ black belts Julio & Fernando. You can join in a shirt and shorts, the traditional gi/kimono will be given to you. 


The course starts on the last Sunday of the upcoming month (if you wish to join another month, send us a message). Every last Sunday morning of the month , the basic concept of a position will be covered. On top of the 4 hour course, you can join 4 classes on our regular schedule: You can pick any beginner or fundamental class at any time you like!


Course content:

After an Intake to explain what we are going to be doing, asses expectations and get to know each other we are going to train the following concepts of Jiujiutsu


  • Escapes: How to stay calm under pressure and escape a bad position?
  • Sweeps and Passes: How to fight from your back and get on top?How to improve your position and submit your opponent?
  • Takedowns: How do we use wrestling and judo techniques to take the fight to the ground?
  • Submissions: How to submit your oponent and Breaking/Finishing mechanics?


Afterwards you will receive access to our instruction video galery with all the basic concepts we went through during training.  


Location: Joop Geesinkweg 501

A.G.A. Introduction Course

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